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Pasmore's teaching career began in 1937 when he joined up with William Coldstream and Claude Rogers to form an independent private art school. Under their direction and in association with Augustus John, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Paul Nash, the school very quickly commanded a very high reputation. The original venue was acquired in October 1937 at 12 Fitzroy Road in London and then moved to 314/316 Euston Road in February 1938 until it closed in September 1939 when war broke out.

In 1943 Pasmore was invited to teach at Camberwell School of Art in South London.

He was joined by a number of his Euston Road colleagues during his time there and in 1949 left to join the teaching staff at the Central School of Arts and Crafts where he introduced a Basic Form course. In 1954 he left London to Head up the Department of Fine Art at Durham University until 1961 when his career in teaching ceased and he took up full-time painting.

VP and Friends at The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle. 1956

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