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In the early 1950's, the new town of Peterlee in County Durham was undergoing some changes due to initial building designs being rejected on account of subsidence over the coal pits.

These designs by the then chief architect Lubetkin were extremely ambitious and the corporation's development manager was left in a quandary when his chief architect left. The manager then spotted the
constructions that Pasmore was working on while teaching in the University of Durham nearby and thought that an artist's eye would create a fresh initiative amongst his team of architects.

A virgin plot of land to the south west of the town was allocated to Pasmore, with the sole purpose of devising a new dynamic in the form of the housing and road layout.

During his time as an art consultant Pasmore completed the designs for an independent construction, which was to act as a focal point over a lake in the same south west area. This was completed in 1970 and became known as the Apollo Pavilion.





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